WhitesPrices are listed by the bottle and per glass Small, Medium, Large

Ca d’Ponti Catarratto                 £18          £3.25       £4.75    £6.35Italy, 2014, 13%A ripe and versatile dry white from Sicily with peachy floral and tropical fruit flavours. Brise de France Sauvignon bl.   £21£3.65       £5.35     £7.15France, 2013, 12%Lovely fresh and crisp, with some elegant white blossom notes. Pinot Grigio Lunardi                   £21£3.65       £5.35     £7.15Italy, 2014, 12%Nice!! Like biting into a Granny Smith – fresh, clean, crisp and so refreshing. Picpoul de Pinet                           £24 France, 2014, 13%Vibrant and fresh with an uplifting minerality it’s almost a spiritual experience…. Sauvignon blanc. Marlborough   £27 New Zealand, 2014, 12.4%Allan Scott Estate’s, pitch-perfect Sauvignon Blanc is the top-selling Sauv' in New Zealand. It tastes very Sancerre-like (more so than most Kiwi Sauvignons). Very elegant!


Ca’ Bolani                                20cl         £7.50Italy, n.v., 11%Big enough to share…….but better still, small enough to keep to yourself!! Spago Nero frizzante                75cl         £21Italy, n.v., 10.5%Lovely delicate bubbles with fresh pear flavours…you don’t have to be celebrating to drink this. Le Dolci rose                            75cl         £24Italy, n.v., 11.5%The colour of a maiden’s blush & fruit as a strawberry patch. Technically not a Prosecco, but whatever…. Ca’Bolani spumante                 75cl         £27Italy, n.v., 11%Full of fresh apples & pears and enough fizz to launch a rocket…..or a party at least.


Espresso £1.70                                    Double Espresso £2.25                        Americano £1.95                                 Cappuccino, Flat White £2.20                                           Latte £2.40 Mocha £2.30 Machiatto £1.95 Hot Chocolate £2.20 Liqueur Coffees   £4.95Teas (assorted) £1.95, £2.20                                         

RedsPrices are listed by the bottle and per glass S,M,L

Ca d’Ponti Nero d’Avola           £18           £3.25         £4.75      £6.35Italy, 2013, 13.5%Juicy ripe plums & black cherries with a hint of smoke & a gentle bite of tannin…delicious! Montepulciano d’Abruzzo        £21            £3.75         £5.50        £7.25Italy, 2013, 13%Intense flavours of Morello cherry & cassis and a warm earthy finish. La Grupa Malbec/Shiraz           £21            £3.75         £5.50        £7.25 Argentina, 2013, 13.5%Big, lush and jam packed juicy – if you like it large this is the wine for you! Osa Maremma                                      £24 (bottle)Italy, 2013, 13.5%Lovely gentle spicy wine with ripe red fruits & a hint of dried fig. Valpolicella Crosara Ripasso                £29 (bottle)Italy, 2013, 14%Super-charged Valpol; Ripasso means 're-visted', which involves taking the pressed skins from the Amarone and Recioto wines, chucking them into the Valpol and refermenting it giving more oomph.

RosesPrices are listed by the bottle and per glass S,M,L

Ancora Chiaretto             £18         £3.25,       £4.75,       £6.35Italy, 2014, 11.5%Made from the Barbera grape to give a wine packed full of cherry flavours with a summer strawberry freshness.

Beer - Paolozzi Draft

Pint £5.25, Half Pint £2.70    

Beer - Moretti Draft

Pint £4.95, Half Pint £2.60                

Beer - Bottled

Moretti, Peroni (330ml) £3.95                German Beers (500ml) £4.95                 Lech (500ml) £4.95           Moretti Zero (330ml) £3.60 *alcohol free beer

Cider - Bottled

Thistly Cross (500ml) £4.95